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23. Just trying to get into shape. I used to be a health nut in high school but college was distracting. Now, I'm interning, working and trying to get fit again. In a healthy way, of course.

Also, I have tons of queued posts. So I'll always be active. :) I try to follow fitblrs back.

One last note. If I have any photos on here that aren't sourced, they are pulled from free stock photo websites. No, I’m not the creator of the images but they are free to use anyway you like as per the terms and conditions on the website. So, no worries. I don’t steal and/or change credits on Tumblr. EVER. I also unfollow people I suspect of doing so.

Cauliflower Rice!
Low calorie alternative.

Cauliflower Rice!

Low calorie alternative.

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